Grepolis Cheats Pros and Cons

I am still on gaming wave at the moment and I decided to give Grepolis a try. Who doesn’t know, Grepolis is a browser based strategy game where your goal is to conquer villages, build army, upgrade your buildings and become the biggest and greatest empire in the game.

It’s a fun game but I have discovered that it’s almost impossible to play this game without waiting tons of times. It’s more like a waiting game than strategy game. The worst thing is that if you are not logged in in the right time then the resources you are waiting will reset and all the time was wasted. So you have to be logged in on correct times or everything is for nothing.

As I am a cheater (lol) I searched for cheats to change the need for waiting so long. I did not find a cheat program for that but I did find a hack that allows you to add unlimited wood, rock and silver. I still have to wait now for the buildings and army to be created but there is no need to be logged in at certain times anymore because I can just add as much resources as I want to.

Anyways, I have been playing the game now for some days and the cheats have some pros and cons.

The pros:

  • unlimited wood
  • unlimited rock
  • unlimited silver
  • no need to be logged in at certain times

The cons:

  • possibility of getting your account banned
  • get called a cheater and hacker
  • excitement levels drop ( if you can afford everything the game has to offer then you get way too strong and you win all the battles so it will lose the tension from the game)

So, it’s up to you to decide weather it’s worth to use the Grepolis cheats application or not.

I guess it’s all for now, thanks for reading :)

Where can I find Wizard101 crown generator?

So, I have been playing Wizard101 for some time but lately it has starting to get on my nerves that I can’t progress in the game as fast as I would like to. Everything you do in that games requires you to have crowns and for that you need to have real money. As much as I like this game, I think the crowns are WAY too expensive. I searched youtube for a crown generator and found this site but it seems that the download is corrupted and I can’t extract the file.

I tried other Wizard101 crown generators also that I found but non seemed to work. Where can I find a working one? I have searched for a whole day.

I am almost level 35 in Wizard101 but I can’t seem to progress from that point on. There are just so many restrictions for free to play gamers.

I remember when I played Runescape it was also really restricted but I somehow managed to enjoy playing it even though I could only play like 1/4th of the whole map and I had no access to mining guilds but it was still fun as fuck :D Yeah, those were the good old days, pvp-ing in Wild, fishing and then cooking the fish, going to market place and selling them. I didn’t even like combat that much, I liked making items and fishing even more :D The game has changed a lot from then though (from the first Runescape aka Runescape classic). I do like the new graphics, it’s really impressing but now there are so many new free to play games out there that Runescape seems to have run it’s course.

I actually watch a lot of videos about the newest free to play games on the market. I am subscribed to MMOHUTS, Free MMORPG Station and MMO BOMB. They are all good for news. I wish MMOHUTS would do the first looks like they used to do but Omer has left the channel, sold it to some company and they just care about advertising and not the fun of doing the first looks as they should be – FIRST LOOKS.

Anyways, I went way off the point of this post but yea, that’s me :D I start from one topic and end up in a whole another world :D

Btw: here’s an awesome pvp video from Wizard101

Welcome to my blog

Hi everybody! This is my new blog and my very first post. I am going to start writing here about everything that comes to my mind. It’s a blog about me and my thoughts, my daily activities and everything regarding my life. I hope you like this blog :)